We the members of First Presbyterian Church of South Amboy are a congregation of the people who both trust and obey Jesus Christ. As such, we are the body that carries on His mission today.

Recent Sermons

Let Your Cup Overflow

 Let Your Cup Overflow Psalm 23; Matthew 17:14-20 July 20, 2014 How full is your cup this morning? Is your cup full and running over this morning, or is it almost empty? However much is in your cup, why not allow some of those blessings to spill and flow over to others? God will take […]

Seeds For The Soul

Seeds For the Soul Isaiah 55:10-13; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 July 13, 2014 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost My former professor was often asked how many students he had. He always had the same answer. With his custom wit and dry humor, he blurted out, “About one out of four!” Of course, that was not what people […]

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